Cap of the Week - Speckled Wool Cloche Cap

This week's cap of the week - Speckled Wool Cloche Cap.

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The Speckled Wool Cloche cap is a special edition version of the regular cloche caps. Made with multi-coloured grey donegal wool and charcoal denim peak and headband & button detail.

Personally I'm obsessed with speckled wool fabric and this one is a really lovely one. Dark charcoal grey and then soo many beaut coloured flecks woven within it. I've tried spotting all the colours in it and so far have spotted: green, blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and white. Even tried to look at it under my desk lamp to count them all!

Speckled Wool Cloche
Speckled Wool Cloche Cap 
Speckled Wool Cloche Cap

The cloche cap is lined with grey cotton fabric and a black cotton headband. It is also finished off with a little charcoal denim button detail up on top, to match the peak and outer headband.

Both the peak and headband are made from the same organic cotton denim that the charcoal basic caps and trapper caps are made from, which is sourced from a lovely independent organic cotton specialist.

 Speckled Wool Cloche Cap

The speckled wool cloche cap is one of the first of the wool caps that are on their way to the catalog. The fabric for this one I found way back in 2019, that normal time pre covid & have been ogling it ever since. It was for sale from a yorkshire fabric company that well, ended up being a little elusive in the middle of covid when I first started planning wool caps.. (read took ma money and didn't send fabric until chased, or reply to messages.)

So in searching for another donegal supplier that stocked the same colourway & just looking into wool fabric production in general, I found a company, based in Ireland where Donegal fabric originates from, who really sold how much they care about their craft & being responsible for every element in it. For example thinking about things such as using local rainwater in the fabric making process. 

New cap wool fabrics

Fingers crossed wool is going to be a permanent fabric in the catalog, so you've got to find a reliable sustainable company in order to provide a consistent lovely item. Now I've got these three lovely wools that arrived in January, currently being used to make some sample caps and that will be being added very shortly. Hoping for the end of March, for a wool cap release.

So watch this space for the beginning of wool caps! There will be wool trappers, cloches and flatcaps. Finally, there will be flatcaps for sale! First I've got to plan, make, sew & photograph them all. Also probably going to do some limited edition wool caps in different colourways using speckled wool I already have. All the wools have coloured speckled detail woven within them.

For now though the speckled cloche is available as Cap of The Week from now until next wednesday at 12pm.

Speckled Wool Cloche Cap

Offer available from friday the 19th Feb at 6pm until the batch cut off at 12pm on wednesday the 24th Feb 2021.

Any speckled wool cloche caps ordered with the "capoftheweek" disc code before wed the 24th february at 12pm will be sent on the 27th february.

Available to buy here.

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