Cap Lingo - Topstitching

What the hell is topstitching??

So I get quite geeky about my craft and I know there's gonna be a lot of technical lingo that you might not know.. but that I forget to explain! 

In caps topstitching is the stitching that is sewn just next to a seam or on the top of the fabric, hence the name. It's used for an extra bit of detail and often can make something look fancier definitely but it also has it's own uses that help change the shape of a cap & create totally different angles.

For example below are three stages of the same part of making the crown for a fisher cap in blue-grey denim..

1) The sewing together of the two pieces inside out.. 

2) The same piece but turned the right way out

3) Then that seam ironed and top stitched on either side of the seam.

The shape of the crown changes from quite a sharp angle inside out, to a softer curved shape. There's also a lot more to it, a lot depends on the shapes of the fabric pieces before sewing and the fabric itself & how it stretches for example.

But there's a reason why we love topstitching at the capalog.. I know, it's a very niche club. Topstitching geek. Send help.

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