Cap batches OPEN for 2023

Incase you were wondering cap batches for 2023 are back! Well kinda? Like everyone else, I've had the flu & am now shattered, but caps are now back in production and being cut and sewn up for you in regular weekly batches.

Order a cap in your head size; right upto 4XL; by wed at 12pm and caps are sent out every friday.

Panel caps cut out and ready to sew with the caption cap batches open for 2023 over the top

If you received gift card for the capalog over christmas, and are wondering how to use it, you just shop the caps like a normal purchase, and use your gift card code at checkout like a discount code.

Olive green canvas panel cap and a cap gift card leaning against it

All the cap styles can be found in the "cap index" at the top of the page and there are textile waste earrings to purchase also under the "not caps" drop down.

If you need any help with your head size, then advice and info is on the "sizing" page here or in the menu.

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