Corona Update - Changes to Services

How does Corona currently effect The Capalog? - Last updated Sept 1st 2020

Essentially, caps are still available in weekly small batches & face coverings are now available to order also.

Batches - Business as normal

Normally pre covid caps would be made in small batches on wed/thurs/fri, sent on a friday and generally arrive on a saturday to you, via 1st class signed for royal mail.

Now caps are still made in weekly batches and sent on fridays, but they may take a day or two longer to arrive. Please be patient with your postie. The last few ones have arrived on the saturday though, so fingers crossed this is currently the case.

Face Coverings (Masks* not ppe, we're not allowed to technically call em masks..)

Now with the added need for face coverings being required, face coverings have been temporarily added to the shop until a vaccine is in use at least or there's no further need for them.

They can be found here

Other changes

Truth be told the biggest changes thanks to corona have been behind the scenes with events cancelled & studio moves. (Read events cancelled, scrub making, anxiety, netflix & becoming an alcoholic. Anyone else?)