Request a cap made up in a certain style but made from another fabric or colour in the swatch book.

The swatch book is the bible of fabric options and colours currently being used for caps at The Capalog. 

All the caps are cut out and stitched in house and that means that the original patterns were created in house and there's generally a stock of the fabric in all the colours to hand & we're totally all for people being individual and making something that is just right for THEM.

Also included in the swatch book are one off limited editions of fabrics; so either bought in small amounts from small independent fabric shops & was so awesome that 3m was bought with no project in mind (this happens if you're a fabric magpie) OR it's fabric that is the end of a run for a fabric mill but could def still be used to make a couple of caps.

SO if you like a certain cap but you would rather have it in black or navy or green or pink or mustard yellow & the fabric is in stock then why not? Get a mustard cloche if that's your dream cap.

Only catch is there aren't already pics made up of the swatch book options, but there should be existing pics of the style made in another fabric and the fabric used for another cap.