Gift Cards

Gift Card options for buying a Cap from The Capalog: 

A £35 (Applies to basic caps)

B £55 (Trapper Caps)

C £65 (Fisher Caps)

D £25 (Towards the cost of a cap, let them choose)

E £50 (Towards the cost of a cap, let them choose)

For giftcards the recipient is able to choose the fabric colour, cap style and headsize themselves before ordering. So if you know your significant other likes a good cap but you want to surprise them or have zero chance of working out their headsize then see below!

What do you get?

Matchbox Style Giftcards for Bespoke Caps .    Classic Envelope Style Giftcards for getting a Bespoke Cap

So you have something physical to give them, you have the option of either a matchbox style giftcard or a classic giftcard and envelope.

Matchbox style giftcard is basically more of a fancy box, for those who want to go all out. The matchbox also contains a complimentary tape measure (for head measuring) so they can order straight away when you gift it to them.

All giftcards contain instructions and website info of what they need to know to use the giftcard.

How do they redeem it?

For your info, logistic wise all they have to do is select the cap of their choice on the website like normally, choose their headsize and then add a discount code at checkout.
The discount code automatically zeroes the value of the giftcard you chose. So they can pick their own delivery address and get it sent to wherever they are in the Uk. 

When do they get their cap?

All the caps are made in weekly small batches, so their cap will be added to the next available batch after they choose it.
The cut off for each batch is wednesdays at 12pm, for it to be sent that friday.
Caps can also be collected if local, from the workshop in Saltaire.